Dredging support & Coastal reinforcement

Delta Coastal Services serves, supports and relieves companies and organizations working in the dredging industry. We are particularly active within the Dutch, Belgian and German waters, but we consider the whole of Europe as our working area.

Total package for dredging support

We offer a total package of dredging support for inland dredging and coastal reinforcement. The distinctive combination of dredging services on both land and water is our most notable strength. By combining these disciplines we can completely unburden our customers and therefore work at attractive rates.

We attach particular importance to safety on the water, on the beach and inland. We have our own safety personnel at our disposal, they will guarantee the safety of the dredging site and the ongoing activities there. We are VCA ** and ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Why people choose us:

  • We deliver a cost-saving total package of dredging support;
  • With an experienced team and a large network of external expertise;
  • We think along and offer solutions, for example, to prevent disruption to the environment of the dredging site;
  • Short lines, we provide our customers with a fixed point of contact on every project;
  • We represent efficient implementation, practical and solution-oriented.

Among our dredging support services include:

Maritime support such as:

  • Assisting in linking pipes to the hopper;
  • Taking care of crew bills;
  • Transporting stores and parts to ships, also see: supplies tender service;
  • Survey work for the foreshore suppletions.

Dry support such as:

  • Taking care of all related spraying activities on beaches, islands or sandbars: heavy equipment, personnel, sinking work, piping, beach deposits, etc.;
  • Taking care of the supply and removal of machinery and materials regarding the project, such as a beach or dredging pit;
  • Providing related auxiliary equipment and services such as a landfill, light sets, diesel storage, etc.